Always a solution

The name of our company is AAS, short for Always A Solution. We can’t describe our motivation more powerful. We have combined our knowledge and experience to fulfil your every wish.

To come up with solutions is embedded within the genes of our team. NAViDocs is the product of that genetic blueprint. On the one hand incredibly versatile and on the other hand so incredibly clear. Two characteristics, whom combined, offer most companies a first solution.

Albert Hendriks, owner of

About us

AAS At Work BV offers a completely integrated and very affordable solution for document scanning and electronic invoice processing within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our NAViDocs solution contains the automatic recognition and processing of scanned and/or electronically supplied documents.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With AAS At Work you have a partner who has all the required certificates of Microsoft for adapting, expanding and supporting Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Thanks to our development license we are qualified to adapt Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide you with the best possible solution. While doing so, we will keep our focus on the standard NAV functionality, preventing the custom-built changes to become an obstacle for a future upgrade of your system.


Over the years we’ve become very experienced in building and developing interfaces, document scanning, reports and hour registration. All, of course, within the guidelines of Microsoft. AAS At Work provides upgrades and supplies maintenance for both existing functionalities as for those we developed ourselves within Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Our company

AAS At Work BV is an informal organization. We supply and support Microsoft Dynamics NAV. AAS stands for Always A Solution. And that’s exactly what we do: we offer our customers ICT-solutions.