Mail, scan or app

An increasingly number of invoices is received digitally as an email attachment, a hyperlink etcetera. NAViDocs organizes your administration in an orderly fashion. And we don’t just mean your digital documents like invoices, receipts and other correspondence, but also your paper documents.

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Automatic recognition

Whether you scan your paper document, you receive documents in your mailbox or you deliver them through an app; NAViDocs will recognize the documents automatically with the aid of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It recognizes the structure of the file you entered. All this based on your wishes.

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Custom- built processing

Since NAViDocs organizes everything centrally, you only have to enter your master data once which decreases the possibility of incorrect data. The additional advantage being that you can access your data anytime, anywhere in a simple manner.

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NAViDocs is more!

NAViDocs is a so called Add-on within Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision). This fully-fledged ERP system replaces your current administrative system and additionally offers you the possibility of registering purchase orders, managing stock and producing sales orders & invoices.

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the solution for the automatic recognition and processing of invoices

NAViDocs is easy to implement and easy to use. The system can be implemented quickly and you can start working with it right away. Are you interested in how much NAViDocs can save your organization and what we can do for you? Fill out our contact form and we will make an appointment for a demonstration of NAViDocs.


It doesn’t matter whether invoices are supplied by scanner, mail or app: NAViDocs knows what to do with them. You only have to scan the paper documents. The emails with attachments are automatically processed and receipts are processed via an App. Instantly updating your (financial) administrative system.


A document is being recognized by analyzing its structure and content. The technique by which this is done is, among others, based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Even when one of your business relations delivers two different lay-outs, it’s still not a problem for NAViDocs.


Once invoices are recognized and verified they are automatically processed. By doing this, your ledger is automatically updated. Are you receiving documents from a new business relation? A new contact, supplier or customer can be made, based on document content. And of course within the NAViDocs system.


All processed invoices and other documents are stored in a digital archive. This archive is fully searchable and linked with your contacts, suppliers or customers. This way you can trace back all the interactions you’ve had with your partner. Quite a bit faster than the old-fashioned files on the shelf.